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Monday, August 22, 2016

Newsletter for Purse Patterns and ePurse Patterns for August, 2016

Our Newsletter for and has been released for August, 2016 with fun new printed and downloadable bag patterns by your favorite bag pattern designers such as Indygo Junction, Kati Cupcake, Heather Bailey, and Patterns by Annie!

The Brancaster Mesenger Bag Pattern by Charlie's Aunt

The Breckland Bag Pattern by Charlie's Aunt

The Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Purse Pattern Newsletter for July, 2016

We have just released our newsletter for purse patterns, which also includes our sister site of for downloadable bag patterns. This news update has bag patterns recently added, including the fun Mad Money Mini Bag Pattern from Indygo Junction and 3 additional downloadable bag patterns from Two Pretty Poppets! Check out our latest Pattern Newsletter for July!

Feature Me Everyday Tote Bag Pattern by Two Pretty Poppets in a downloadable format!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Newsletter for - Available on July 19, 2016

Our Purse Pattern Newsletter will be released Tuesday July 19, 2016 with our latest new patterns, including the Mad Money Mini Bag Pattern by Indygo Junction! Also available in our downloadable patterns site ( are 3 new patterns by Two Pretty Poppets, including the Goin" Uptown Girl Tote Pattern
Goin" Uptown Girl Tote Bag Pattern by Two Pretty Poppets
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