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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jodi from Ric raC Patterns at the Quilt Market

I finally got to meet Jodi from Ric raC Patterns and it was definitely a treat - what a delightful and talented lady!  The photo  you see has a dress made from selvedges and she also has a bag pattern made from this fabric scrap that is usually just discarded! 

Me, Jodi, and her magnificant dress made from fabric selvedges

In case you don't know what a selvedge is, the definition (according to is as follows: "The selvedge refers to the edge of fabric as it comes off the bolt. The selvedge is the edges of the fabric which has manufacturer information. This area of the fabric is usually a bound edge that does not fray.

The selvedge of the fabric may also have color dots which show the colors used in the fabric and lines to indicate the repeat of a print on the fabric."

Here is Jodi's handbag, which she calls the Selvedge Scrap Tote Pattern.

Check out her blog at  and then come see the rest of her bag patterns at !

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