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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Purse Pattern Designers Have Been Added

We have just added 2 new purse pattern designers to our line - Eazy Peazy Patterns and Blue Moon River.  Eazy Peazy has 2 patterns including The Bodacious Brag Bag which has instructions for a showcase photo on the front and Second Heaven, which is a handy dandy quilted purse.

Blue Moon River has 3 purses:  The Pinata Purse Pattern, The Flora, and The Tulip.  The Pinata uses batik fabric, The Flora uses fat eighths, and The Tulip uses fat quarters.

We will be starting our Purse Patterns Newsletter at the end of April so if you want to receive updates (only sent out once a month!), be sure to sign up!

We have also added a purse pattern terminology page and would like your help in growing this list!  If you come across an unfamiliar term, just contact us and we will add it to the terminology page.

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