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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quilt Woman Bag Patterns

Nancy Dill is the owner of and has been sewing since she was a child.  After attending a quilt show, she decided that she wanted to design and teach quilting so Nancy started making her own patterns.

She has lots of help from a talented (and dedicated!) staff and they have expanded the business by offering help for independent purse pattern (and quilt) designers with marketing, pattern writing, and other services that a designer just starting out may have questions about. has just added 10 Quilt Woman bag patterns to our site, including The Cube Purse Pattern and the Snap & Go Bag.  In addition, we have added a quilted handbag designer carried by named Kathleen Willis who is obviously as crazy about pockets in a purse as I am!  Her series of bags are called "Pockets Are A Girl's Best Friend" and, boy, do I ever agree!  Her 2 quilted bags are Sweet Pea, and 7 Pocket Wonder. 

The Cube Purse Pattern

They also have some free patterns on their site and here is the link to their Wheelchair tote pattern in PDF format.

1 comment:

Alex said...

It honestly depends on your fashion style. If you have a really put together look, GO For it. But if you have a bohemian style def not. Its a bag thts cute and perfect for all ages