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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cosmo Convertible From StudioKat Designs

We just recently got in the Cosmo Convertible by StudioKat Designs and I really like the flexible features!  This purse pattern has instructions for making the bag so that it can be converted from a shoulder bag to a cross body bag to a backpack!  Additionally there are bonus online guidelines for piecing the decorative front pocket. 

I also like the size of this handbag.  I am short and a lot of the bags I see in stores are either huge or small - I need something that functions as a carry-all without looking like one!  The Cosmo Convertible is the perfect size for me personally so I can carry my makeup, wallet, pens, pad of paper, reward cards, etc. with me!

Kat made up several samples for this pattern and my favorite is called "Reflection" by Katia Hoffman for EBI Fabrics Corp.  I really like the color and pattern combinations!

The Cosmo Convertible as a shoulder bag

The Cosmo Convertible adjusted as a backpack


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