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Friday, May 3, 2013

Downloadable Bag Patterns From Emmaline

We just started carrying Emmaline Bag Patterns and they are great!  These 5 patterns all have really clear instructions with lots of illustrations and photos; I don't know about you but I understand so much better with lots of pictures:)

It's hard to choose which bag is my favorite but, as everybody alreadys knows, I like bags with lots of organizational features and the pattern called "The Necessary Clutch/Wallet Pattern" really meets my needs for tons of compartments!
Closed Front View of The Necessary Clutch/Wallet Pattern
Open View of The Necessary Clutch/Wallet Pattern

The other 4 bag patterns now available are as follows:
The Teardrop Bag Pattern - Easy to make hobo style bag
The Boyd St. Bowling Bag - Classical rounded shaped bag but with updated pleats
The Emmaline Bag Pattern - A soft hobo shape with options for handles and a decorative front pleat
The Steph In The City Bag Pattern - Shoulder bag with a stylish front belt and over 100 photos

All these patterns come with pattern pieces and are available for immediate download from - order and start sewing today!

If you need hardware for these bags, check out !


Janelle @ Emmaline Bags said...

Thank you, Henrietta! That is a lovely post about my bag patterns!! Janelle

Karla S said...

I bought this wallet pattern and I absolutely love it!!! I have made 3 so far and can't stop. It looks so professional when it's finished!I have many, many patterns and this if my favorite one by far!