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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Day Hiker Pattern is Now Available

I just got the Day Hiker Bag Pattern uploaded to the site and am happy with the response I have gotten to this new bag! 

I do a lot of day hiking around Raleigh, NC and I wanted something to carry my water, my keys, my map of the Falls Lake trails, and my phone.  I also did not want it to be large or heavy and I also wanted a surface inside that could be wiped clean.

After testing out the prototype on an intense hike, I went to Florida to get photos of my model, Sheena, with the bag.  She is such a good sport because the mosquitoes were fierce and it's hard to hold still when you are being eaten up!
I saw this in my yard even before leaving for my hike!
I will be posting more hiking adventures with my Day Hiker Bag Pattern!




Anonymous said...

Sorry but that snake would just ruin my day....especially if I had seen it in MY YARD. I'd never come out of the house again.
Can't take away the beauty of the bag though.

Henrietta Timmons said...

I use to be afraid of snakes but over the years, I have come to respect their beauty! I did give this snake a lot of room and used my zoom lens.

Thanks for the kind comment about my new bag pattern!